Have nothing to pass on. You’re on your own today. Figure it out yourself. You can do it. You have to do it. Do you want to?  I love your spirit. It’s great. You can make it.  That intermittent space is a sign.  Can you read it? Or do you need lenses, or perhaps an… Continue reading SPOOKIN’ WORD


Note to self–write notes to self. You are hereby given and granted permission to use writing as a means for accessing your memory–and for reminding yourself of certain THINGS that should not be forgotten. Such as, you are a good  person. Such as you can be a better person.   Such as life is short.… Continue reading LOONY BIN!


Confession is not titillation. And it’s not gossipy or thrilling. Rather it’s investigative, and exploratory. It’s an examination of motivation. It’s a way of seeing and looking which gets you beyond the pale of convention and culture.  I urge to take on this idea, this means of transmission–as you make your way deeper into the… Continue reading FRAYING THE EDGES


Do you know the close third person? It’s when you get into another’s point of view–and you really dive into what it’s like to be in their skin. You delve into what could be thoughts, feelings, intentions. You imagine their influences and intensity—and you easily leap into what they imagine regarding anticipated consequences, fears, hopes… Continue reading 78–STANCE DANCE


I personally try to educate myself as much as I can within the busy-ness of daily life–the expectation of weight of it–and no matter how I might feel about my sense of self–which honestly rendered is not at the level I’d like it to be.  But that is something I have to live with–and I… Continue reading THINKING AND BEING


I write for myself and no one else. I write for all the selves–and no other selves.  I write for you to show you what you can do–to show you what is also inside you. I write to give you a window of opportunity—and a window to look and see what the heck is happening… Continue reading #76—TROMBONES